"8 Free Open Source Ruby on Rails Content Management System"

I want to share for you about 8 Free Open Source Ruby on Rails Content Management System. As we know, Ruby On Rails is an open source Web framework that help you to create web applications more easier, faster & write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. 

There are 8 Free Open Source Content Management System Based Ruby on Rails. if you have other, please comment


  1. skylinecms

    Skylinecms is  open source Ruby on Rails content management system. Skyline is an flexible and expandable open source content management system that is in constant development. Its feature rich interface allows for fast and intuitive management of websites.

    Demo: http://demo.skylinecms.nl
    Administration: http://demo.skylinecms.nl/skyline
    License: LGPL


  3. Refinery

    Refinery is light weight content management system that build with Ruby On Rails. Refinery is free and open sources. It has slick and clean user interface, Modular and extendable. Refinery is Powerful and flexible to allow you to design exactly the site you want.Requirements: Ruby on rails enables on hosting environtment

    Demo: http://demo.refinerycms.com/admin
    License: License Free


  5. BrowserCMS

    BrowserCMS is a open source Web Content Management System (CMS), written in Ruby on Rails. BrowserCMS is an easy-to-use, 100% browser-based content management system that is installed on the same web server that hosts your website. It is designed to support three different types of people:

    Non-technical web editors who want a humane system to manage their site, without needing to understand what HTML or even Rails is.

    Designers who want to create large and elegantly designed websites with no artificial constraints by the CMS.

    Developers who want to add a CMS into their Rails projects, or create CMS driven websites for their clients.

    BrowserCMS provide a few list of guides on how the above groups can use BrowswerCMS, to design, build and maintain websites. like; Getting Started , User Guide for BrowserCMS , Installing a Module , Developer and designer’s Guide and much more… Requirements:Rails 2.3

    Source: http://www.browsercms.org
    License: LGPL license

  6. RailFrog CMS

    RailFrog is an Open Source CMS built with Ruby on Rails. This Open Source Content Management System is producing well structured and standards-compliant pages with Web 2.0 goodness.  Railfrog makes it easy for developers, designers, webmasters, or just about anyone else to deploy and manage a website.

    Download : http://www.railfrog.com/download.html


  8. Radiant CMS

    Radiant is a open source content management system specially for small developer teams. A simple-yet-powerful Ruby on Rails CMS application with a slick interface, Radiant offers flexibility when you create layouts, snippets, page parts, and a custom tagging language. It also allow Flexible Site Structure to arrange pages according to any hierarchy.

    Radiant has a special macro language called Radius (similar to HTML) which makes it easy to include content from other pages, iterate over page children, and display content conditionally. Radius tags are available in pages, snippets, and layouts.

    It also support for Markdown and Textile, but developers can easily create text filters for any markup language such as RDoc, BBCode, or Structured Text. Radiant is licensed under the MIT License.

    Demo : http://radiantcms.org/demo/ Download : http://radiantcms.org/download/ License: the MIT License.


  10. Typo

    Typo is currently on version 5.3 for Ruby on Rails 2.2 and is described as “the oldest and most powerful Ruby on Rails blogware, providing custom templates, powerful drag and drop plugins API, advanced SEO capabilities, XMLRPC API and many more.” This appears to be one of the more active RoR open source CMS projects. Its features include: Customizable SEO interface

    Individual user dashboards

    Two types of content, articles and pages

    Category support

    Tag manager

    Customizable themes    Typo is released under the MIT License.

    Download : http://github.com/fdv/typo/wiki demo : http://demo.typosphere.org/


  12. Locomotive

    LOCOMOTIVE is an open source CMS for Rails. It’s super flexible and integrates with Heroku and Amazon S3.

    Download : http://www.locomotiveapp.org/


  14. Rubricks

    Rubricks is an open source CMS(Contents Management System) powered by Ruby on Rails. It enables to create your website more smart, simple, and speedy.

    Rubricks adopts the components architecture. You can install the components(BBS, Schedulers, etc..) into Rubricks. Of course, if you make components, many people will install and use them easily.

    Demo : http://rubricks.org/index_en.html 
    Download :http://rubricks.org/index_en.html

"8 Free Open Source Ruby on Rails Content Management System"

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