"Error in ruby relative_path_from call on windows"

I was playing around with “SPREE COMMERCE”after a long term on my windows machine , before this have always used my linux box for Spree commerce .

However got stuck at the very first step after bootstrapping a fresh application .

Error :

<script src=”http://gist.github.com/456124.js?file=Error%20Spree%20Extension”></script&gt;

After scratching head for long and loosing 20 hairs atleast drilled down to source of error and monkey patched the error .

Moreover after a little digging, it was evident that the ‘relative_path_from’ method in ‘/ruby/lib/ruby/1.8/pathname.rb’ file had the problem. The problem was also described as a ticket athttp://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/1366 and the excerpt of the issue is shown below:

Monkey Patch :

<script src=”http://gist.github.com/456124.js?file=Solution%20Ruby%20monkey%20patch%20″></script&gt;

I added the capitalize! keyword at the end of the two lines so that both the paths are in uppercase, so that later in the code ( ) shown below does not barf and give us the error we got shown in the first error of the post.

Overriding original :

<script src=”http://gist.github.com/456124.js?file=Overirding%20code”></script&gt;

"Error in ruby relative_path_from call on windows"

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