Install “bcrypt-ruby” on Windows

I was trying to install “bcrypt-ruby” on Windows 8, 64 bit .

Tried a lot of configurations, ranging from different versions of the gem, direct from git, platform ruby etc.

But nothing worked

At the end installed DEVKIT compatible to my ruby version and thats it.


Install Devkit compatible to your ruby version

Link :

Download under

C:/Ruby Folder/devkit

Then on command line go to above path

C:/Ruby Folder/devkit

then say

gem install bcrypt-ruby

This should install it,

Post this, you need to add the gem to your Gemfile and say

bundle install
bundle update
bundle install

This should work fine. Also solves update issues related to active_record etc.

The same should work for WIN 64, WIN 32 also.

Install “bcrypt-ruby” on Windows