HOOKED – Take Away – 1

Take away from HOOKED – Build- Habit-Forming Products by Eyal Nir

  1. Habits are defined as “behaviors done with little or no conscious thought.”
  2. The convergence of access, data, and speed is making the world a more habit-forming place.
  3. Businesses that create customer habits gain a significant competitive advantage.
  4. The Hook Model describes an experience designed to connect the user’s problem to a solution frequently enough to form a habit.
  5. The Hook Model has four phases: trigger, action, variable reward, and investment.the_hook


HOOKED – Take Away – 1

Apple open-sources Swift on GitHub

Swift, Apple’s powerful new programming language, is now open source on GitHub. Developers can submit bug fixes and enhancements, and help bring the language to new platforms.


Open Source has been an important part of Apple’s platform for a long time. The iOS and OS X operating systems are powered by the Darwin kernel and hundreds of UNIX utilities. Apple has also played a vital role in advancing open web standards with WebKit, made significant contributions to the LLVM compiler infrastructure, and released ResearchKit earlier this year.

We warmly welcome Swift to GitHub and can’t wait to see what you build with it. Check out the showcase of projects built with Swift, and head over to the Swift repository to find out how you can get involved.


Bootstrap Studio

A powerful web design tool for creating responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework.

Check out the features @ http://bootstrapstudio.io/#features

What is it?
Bootstrap Studio is a desktop application that helps web developers and designers create responsive websites using the Bootstrap framework. It supports a wide range of components and advanced features that make you more productive. It has a clean and intuitive interface and makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful web page only with drag and drop.

Lots more

  • Easily import fonts from Google Fonts.
  • Works with Bootstrap 3. Will support Bootstrap 4 once it’s released.
  • Powerful keyboard shortcuts which take your productivity to the next level.
  • Specialized tools for working with the Bootstrap grid. Easily create, resize and offset columns, and apply responsive visibility classes.
  • Has multiple built-in Bootstrap themes. You can also import your own.
  • Export and share smart components as .bscomp files. Download lots of free ones from our library.
  • Updates automatically, so you always have the latest version.
    Works on Windows, Linux and OSX.
Bootstrap Studio