Google’s HEART framework for UI metrics

In order to pick the proper feature-level metrics, exploring
Google’s HEART framework for UI metrics may be a good starting

H – Happiness Metrics (like user satisfaction scores)
E – Engagement Metrics (like average visits or uses per user)
A – Adoption Metrics (like new users)
R – Retention Metrics (like churn)
T – Task Success Metrics (like form error rates)

Google’s HEART framework for UI metrics

Secrets of the Internet – Gist

Here is the gist of learnings for making new and exciting products

  1. Secrets are at the core of every big innovation.
  2. Entrepreneurs should focus on discovering secrets about human behavior, which are cheap to discover but can have a massive impact.
  3. Behavioral secrets are plentiful whenever major changes in interface occur.
  4. For startups, secrets need to quickly turn behavioral insights into network effects to sustain competitive advantage.


Secrets of the Internet – Gist

Hambrick and Fredrickson’s five strategy elements

  1. Arenas. Where will we be active?
  2. Differentiators. How will we get there?
  3. Vehicles. How will we win in the marketplace?
  4. Staging. What will be our speed and sequence of moves?
  5. Economic logic. How will we obtain our returns?



Source: Adapted from Donald C. Hambrick and James W. Fredrickson, “Are You Sure You Have a Strategy?,”Academy of Management Executive 19, no. 4 (2005): 51–62.

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