"3 Free Open Source E-Commerce for Ruby on Rails"

Ruby On Rails is an open source Web framework that help you to create web applications more easier, faster & write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. Here is 3 Free Open Source E-Commerce for Ruby on Rails
1. Spree

Spree is the open-source e-commerce platform  based on Ruby on Rails platform which is highly extensible & customizable. Spree follows RESTful design which makes the code easier to maintain for experienced Rails developers. Developers can easily override existing views, provide new ones or provide additional models, migrations and controllers. Spree  is maintained by an active team of developers who continue to refine the code based on lessons learned from the challenges of real world deployments. Best of all, Spree is completely free, the open source code is freely available and is licensed under the New BSD License.


  • Extensible Design
  • Spree supports the latest version of Ruby on Rails.
  • Simple and easy way to Upgrades
  • Unobtrusive Javascript
  • Custom Shipping Logic
  • Over 50 Payment Gateways Supported
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Advanced Inventory Features
  • Blueprint and Sass framework supported
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • & much more..

Demo  http://spreecommerce.com/demo
Download  http://spreecommerce.com/

2.  Substruct

Substruct is a open source e-commerce project written in Ruby on Rails framework. It provides a simple e-commerce platform, content management system and customer response system – all in one. its Cleanly designed, easy to extend and maintain. Substruct The first and most robust Ruby on Rails open source e-commerce project.

Feature :

* A simple content management system with blogging capabilities

o Manage your entire site’s content from the web – no html necessary!

* A simple shopping cart that’s tied into Authorize.net and PayPal (must have an account)

* Product and order management

o Track your inventory online

o View up to the minute sales reports

o Integrate with fulfillment houses via XML and web services

* A stunning administration interface

o Create and maintain content

o Create, maintain, void orders

o Answer questions from your visitors

Demo : http://substruct.subimage.com/
Download  http://code.google.com/p/substruct/

3. EcomPages

EcomPages is an open source shopping cart software written in Ruby on Rails. This beta release is an introduction version that gives user a general idea of how EcomPages works. More complex features will be added based on user’s discussion. And feel free to modify the code to fit your need. To install Ecompages you required Mac OS, Windows, Linux , Ruby on Rails 2.0.2 + and MySQL 4 + , Rmagick.

Download :http://github.com/colinm/ecompages-cm 

"3 Free Open Source E-Commerce for Ruby on Rails"